Good Orientation Design Principles For Your New Home

Louvers for Cross Flow Ventilation

Planning the orientation of your home using climate responsive design principles improves the comfort and liveability of your home, whilst reducing your energy costs.

Good orientation design takes into account the sun’s path, natural breeze source and direction, local geographic features and adjacent buildings.

Whilst the optimum orientation for a home site is North/South facing, the site’s potential in all circumstances can still be realized using smart design strategies – (more…)

Finding a Location to Build Your Dream Home

Building your dream home

Building your dream home still tops most peoples bucket list!

The dream of the perfect home with the white picket fence has evolved into a different picture but the ideology is still the same.

Given there’s a good chance your dream home will be a longer term lifestyle investment there are several elements to consider when looking for land. (more…)

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Ingenta is based in Townsville, North Queensland. It is a property development company focused on creating clean, green residential communities primarily in the residential sector. Ingenta has been active in Central and North Queensland for over 25 years and has built communities in Mackay, Rockhampton, and Townsville, the latter being the home of its largest project to date, the highly awarded Fairfield Waters. The company is presently involved with projects in Townsville, Bushland Beach, Sarina Beach south of Mackay and Rockhampton. The Edenbrook project in Rockhampton, will be the city’s first Master Planned Community. Edenbrook will be home to over 1000 families and will set a new benchmark for residential living in Central Queensland. (more…)